Why a Blog About Getting Fired? Some initial thoughts

I have been thinking about this blog for years and only now have finally decided to put it online. Over a number of years, I have been in a position to see a lot of people who have lost their jobs—either through a reduction in force or just being fired. I would like to use this blog to open a dialogue with others about the termination process as they experienced it. I am now retired but remain very interested in how such decisions are made and most importantly, the impact it has on those who are let go or fired.
As such, I am interested in hearing from persons who have been dismissed, let go, termed, sacked, laid off or whatever words or phrases were used to tell someone they were fired.   I think there are a lot of stories out there that need to be told and would like to be a voice for telling some of those stories. If this interests you, please post your comments or send me an email. I have lots of questions and suspect you may have lots of answers.


About dfg603

Retired but still learning and yearning to contribute.
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